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By far and away the most often asked question we get , on the subject of trailer servicing is, how much to service a boat trailer ?





Before servicing all moving parts siezed solid


After freeing up and with new brake shoes
All moving parts lubricated and protected

And the answer is YES.  Yes we can service it, yes we can quote for it and yes it will work again. But how much before we start to dismantle and inspect it is impossible to say. No we are not hiding anything but to quote at the outset is wrong for many reasons.First it builds up false hope when a four wheel boat trailer is brought in and say is estimated at £25 per hub to service it.At £100 pound it sounds cheap . You must ask yourself what you want from your trailer.?Do you want a trailer where you are certain the hubs and wheels are not going to come off on the way to the slipway or on the way home? .Do you want the brakes to work properly?  Are the rollers working properly, do they hold the boat safely and comfortably,and does the winch do its job and will the strap break.? Do the lights work?

broken bearing

By the very nature of this type of trailer it has a lot to put up with. Salt water is the biggest enemy, As soon as this reaches the bearings corrosion begins.

Then the brakes start to sieze up. Sometimes they sieze up in the 'on' position , so you are not going anywhere.

The brake cables (Bowden Cables) are next to suffer. These start to corrode and just swell up to become very stiff to travel in and out of the brake drums. Corrosion is the problem. But dont worry.It can all be fixed.

Believe it when I say a new boat trailer has not been corrosion protected when you buy it.The running gear will last for years if it doesnt go in or near the water.But what use is that.

So the answer is for us to inspect it throughout and then give a total price ,broken down into which parts are crucial to repair or replace ,then other parts that should be remedied and finally parts of the trailer that could be protected for a long and usefull life.What you pay is dependant on how much you want us to do.This may sound like a runaround but no totally set price can be quoted on a unique trailer untill an inspection has been carried out.

However a rule of thumb is about £80 for a two wheel trailer with brakes and £120 for a four wheel trailer .This is for the labour and any parts needed are charged for.

On a boat trailer these important points should be considered.

1]  The wheel bearings need to be well greased and not in contact with salt water.This causes the bearings to become pitted and corroded.This in turn causes the bearings to overheat and breakdown resulting in a hub failure and another trailer at the side of the road.

2]  The brake shoes and activators should move freely and be adjusted for optimum braking.When a new trailer is bought the internal moving parts are not usually protected against the marine enviroment.

3]  Brake cables,called Bowden cables, should move freely but after salt water immersion they soon start to catch and then eventually sieze.

4]  The coupling and hand brake needs to be lubricated to keep from seizing up.

5]  Rollers ,winches and other moving parts need to be lubricated.

Preventive measures taken early lead to a long trailer life and far less overall cost.

Dont worry though if it seems to have gone to far.Remember it can all be sorted out !!

























Boat trailer light board bracket extension arms
Boat trailer light board bracket extension arms